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starwitness42 replied to your post: Happy Birthday to me…..well to my Tumblr, it’s two…

Wick/Miles, blood :p

Here’s a little intro for you guys who have no idea what Becks is talking about…she wrote this book, and it’s glorious and amazing and made me cry and these are two of…

Verity wrote a fic. For my book. And it is perfect. And she is perfect. And the world is now perfect. And I’m going to go ahead and call this THE BEGINNING. 

18 7 / 2013

For anyone who may care, I’m switching over to the new Tumblr linked above to start my Real World Professional Writer bloggity blog stuff. Or something. *smooches*

ETA: If you like YA books about gay zombie hunters that will hopefully be published in the not so distant future, you should come check me out (when I actually start blogging there, that is, right now “me” is just a big, blank blog). 

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a thank you card for cypress_tree, my internet-fandom-writing friend, who has been a source of creative inspiration and Hufflepuffian support since our happy online meeting, and who gives possibly the most wonderful birthday presents I’ve been lucky enough to receive

and I thought maybe ‘net friendship was sentiment other people might share <3

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This IS real life.

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